Night Clinic

Stars Veterinary Night Clinic Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Stars Veterinary Clinic and was established in April 2016 to meet the needs of the community.

The purpose of the clinic is to provide affordable, quality emergency veterinary care for companion animals during after hours
(10pm to 9.30am), when most local veterinary clinics are closed. A surcharge of $60 SGD for emergency services applies.
Charges for all other procedures will remain the same as the day clinic’s charges. Stars Veterinary Night Clinic will be opening on 1st August 2016.

Stars Veterinary Night Clinic staff are trained in emergency medicine and strive to provide quality veterinary care to meet your needs.
Emergency services provided include: after hours consultation, triage, cage oxygenation, 24 hour critical care and monitoring, blood transfusions, surgery and endoscopy.

The night clinic accepts patient referrals for after hours critical care and monitoring. The referral may be a partial or full. Please consult with your primary vet for more information. All partial referrals will be transferred back to the referring veterinary clinics on the following workday. Medical care will be provided until every patient is fit for travel. A duty veterinarian will be available throughout the night shift to provide patient updates until discharge. All relevant medical histories will be faxed to the primary vet.
We look forward to providing you all with top notch veterinary care.