Preventative Health and Wellness

Here in Stars Veterinary Clinic, knowing how crucial prevention is, we offer a huge range and variety of preventative health and wellness services. This is to ensure that your beloved pets are in the upmost state in terms of both health and wellbeing.
These services include:

• Health Advice Upon Consultation
• Dietary Advice
• Heartworm Prevention
• Intestinal worming, Tick and Flea Control
• Microchipping
• Sterilization
• Vaccinations

Blood Related Procedures

• Blood typing
• Cross-matching
• Transfusion (whole blood, plasma, platelet-rich fraction)

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Understanding how Traditional Chinese Medicine could also help in treatment of your pets’ ailments and issues, our vets have successfully been able to utilize tradition Chinese medicine as well as acupuncture in treatment. Due to this, our clinic has since been featured in the August issue of Petlovers Magazine as well as The Straits Times newspaper.


STARS Veterinary Clinic features a dedicated theatre suit for all sterile surgical procedures and even a non-sterile preperation room. Together with our experienced vets, routine surgical procedures are conducted with patients admitted in the morning. Please ensure that the pre-surgical information as adviced by our vet or nurse, such as strictly abstaining from food the night before and water on the morning of the procedure. We also would recommend conducting a blood test to determine your pet’s health status prior to surgery.
Our surgery procedures include:

• General Surgery/ Soft Tissue Surgery
• Desexing
• Anaesthesia
• Orthopaedics
• Reconstruction Surgery
• Dental


One main aspect in enabling your pet to fully recover would be an accurate diagnosis. As such, our clinic is also equipped with state of the art to assist in acquiring a faster and more accurate diagnosis towards the issues your pet may be having. These include:

• Radiography (X-Ray)
• Ultrasound
• Laboratory (CDP, HG, Urinalysis, Faecal analysis, etc.)
• Test kits for Viruses

Other Services

Other services offered by STARS Veterinary Clinic specially catering to the needs of your pets includes:

• Nail Clipping
• Oxygen Therapy
• Emergency Walk-Ins
• Emergency Home Visit
• Emergency Services (After hours)
• Arrangement for Cremation Services

Stars Veterinary Clinic

Stars Veterinary Clinic