Our Team


Dr Lee See Yang

– BVSc (Hons) Sydney
– BBBA (Distinction)
– Dip MBT (Specialist)
– Cert in Traditional Veterinary
– Chinese Medicine (CIVT)

Dr. Lee See Yang graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) from the University of Sydney in 2007. Upon graduation, Dr. Lee joined Companion Animal Surgery in Singapore as a Veterinary Surgeon. His particular areas of interests are small animal internal medicine, veterinary Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, orthopaedic surgery and emergency medicine. More recently, he attained qualification of Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. Dr Lee is the first Singaporean veterinarian to obtain this qualification. Prior to attaining his veterinary degree, Dr. Lee also completed a Bachelor of Business in Business Administration (Distinction) at RMIT and obtained a specialist diploma in Molecular Biotechnology from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Career Highlights: As a prominent veterinarian in Singapore, Dr. Lee is a noted spokesperson for his profession throughout the Island, having been interviewed by both Channel News Asia and the Singapore Straits Times in 2009, 2013, 2014 and 2016. Consequently, he was both privileged and delighted to be elected to the post of Honorary Secretary of the Singapore Veterinary Association in 2010 and as the Vice President of the Singapore Veterinary Association in 2012. Dr Lee has served as the President of the Singapore Veterinary Association in 2014. Dr Lee has spearheaded his committee members and have managed to obtain professional indemnity for all SVA ordinary and Honorary members in May 2014 and also with the help of Dr Shane Ryan and his team, successfully won the bid for WSAVA 2018 in Singapore. He has always adhered to the philosophy that all animals – whether beloved pets or strays – that are brought to him for treatment are treated exactly the same. The form and level of veterinary medicine practised is identical as Dr. Lee always seeks to provide the best level of veterinary care for all animals no matter how advantaged or unfortunate they might be. During his free time, Dr. Lee enjoys jogging, especially as it enables him to bring his 11 adopted furry friends to the park for some exercise too.

RECENT EXPERIENCE: Dr. Lee See Yang is currently also engaged by Skills Aid to be their senior consultant. His role is to plan and organize quality Continuous Professional Veterinary Education in Singapore. He has planned and organised a successful 2 day veterinary orthopaedic workshop in May 2016. At the same time, he is pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Acupuncture in Australia as Dr Lee shares this philosophy of lifelong learning.

Dr. Anushya Raja – Veterinary Surgeon

– BVSc (Hons) Queensland
– BSc (NUS)

Anushya Raja graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) from the University of Queensland in 2011. She also has a Bachelors of Life Sciences from NUS.
Anushya has worked with the local veterinary authority and private practice and is now
happy to be treating your pets at Stars Veterinary Clinic.
Anushya enjoys internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, diagnostic imaging and preventative
health. She also has an interest in treating pocket pets.

Dr. Chang Siew Yee – Veterinary Surgeon

-BVSc (Massey)
-BSc Chem Major (NUS)
-CVA (Chi Institute)

Dr. Chang Siew Yee obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from NUS then went on to pursue a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from Massey University, New Zealand. She has done various clinical placements in New Zealand and Singapore and has since developed interests in emergency/internal medicine and imaging. Dr. Chang comes from a family background of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which has played a factor in influencing her style of practice, using TCM to complement western medicine where she sees fit in order to produce an exponential a rate as possible in her patients’ recovery. She believes that every patient deserves the best care and hence targets to treat them with all of their best interests at heart.

Dr. Jordan Foo – Veterinary Surgeon

– BVSc (Sydney)

Dr Jordan Foo is a Sydney University graduate and has performed multiple clinical placements in Australia and Singapore, before joining Stars Veterinary Clinic as a veterinary surgeon. He has since developed special interests in diagnostic imaging, internal medicine, surgery and TCM.Dr Foo aims for a holistic and optimal approach to animal health care and welfare, and enjoys providing assistance and education regarding adequate pet care.Dr Foo is an avid lover of nature, spending his free time in nature reserves, cycling and trekking. In addition to travelling, he also enjoys theatre, music and languages.

Baey Kai Ying

Kai Ying joined Stars Veterinary Clinic with a strong passion for animals. She is a keen learner and picks up skills quickly. With background in hospitality, Kai Ying loves interacting with clients and aims to make them feel at home in Stars.Kai Ying and her pet dog, Xiao Bai, are avid movie buffs and can spend hours watching movies together.

Sarah Ng

Sarah has been working at Stars since we opened in 2014 and is currently pursuing a degree in Biomedical Sciences. She is passionate and works well with our patients, ensuring that they receive constant care and are well taken care of in our hospital. She has also honed her knowledge with regards to suitable diets for pets who may have chronic issues and is happy to advice clients on what the best diet for their pets may be. Sarah is a pet owner herself and her family has a grand total of 5 dogs and 4 cats.

Pandora Chew

Pandora graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in 2015 with a Diploma in Veterinary Technology. She has been able to put her skills into good use, working at other veterinary clinics previously before joining Stars. Her passion for animals is evident and she gives all of our patients the care and attention that they need.
With the skills that she has learnt in school, Pandora is able to aid our vets when surgical procedures or tests have to be carried out. She also constantly learns on the job, picking up new skills and also helping clients choose suitable diets and preventive medications for their pets.
In her free time, Pandora likes to visit the beach and windsurf. She has a love for marine life and has plans to become a marine biologist one day.

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